Together with Russia, China Established the Outer Space Center

China and Russia set up a space weather center in Beijing. This establishment is part of a global effort to improve the global space weather center system. Politik Rusia
As reported by Reuters, Wednesday (11/17/2021), the space weather center named the China-Russia Consortium (CRC) will be operated jointly by the China Meteorological Authority (CMA), the Civil Aviation Authority of China, and the Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Geophysics. Environmental Monitoring.

China’s national media, The Global Times, named the Sino-Russian Consortium the first global center approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization in China’s civil aviation meteorology and also the fourth global space weather center.

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The CMA said in its statement that space weather is related to satellite operations, aviation safety and pipelines on the ground.

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Deputy Director of CMA, Yu Rucong, as reported by The Global Times, hopes that the two countries can further cooperate in data sharing, product integration and forecast verification to provide more accurate and practical products and services to global civil aviation users.

The CMA added that the space weather center also aims to increase China’s international influence in the space weather flight service.

The space weather center was launched as China is developing its space program, after this year launching a manned mission to build a space station. Ekonomi Rusia

China itself, said CMA, has built an initial framework for operational space weather mechanisms and is capable of providing short-term to long-term weather forecasts. Politik Indonesia

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