Shooting in Russia! 8 Students and 1 Teacher Killed

A shooting took place at a high school in the city of Kazan, Russia. At least nine people, mostly students of the school, died in this shooting.

As reported by AFP and Reuters, Tuesday (11/5/2021), local media reports said two unknown perpetrators opened fire inside the school on Tuesday (11/5) local time.

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“Eight school students and a teacher were killed,” a source told Interfax news agency. Ekonomi Rusia

The TASS news agency reported that 10 other people were injured and were rushed to a local hospital.

A report by the RIA Novosti news agency quoted the Russian Ministry of Emergency Affairs as saying that one of the perpetrators, who was said to be a teenager, had been detained in connection with the shooting. His identity was not disclosed to the public, but he was said to be 17 years old.

One other perpetrator, a source told the Interfax news agency, barricaded himself on the fourth floor of the school building. Berita politik dan ekonomi Rusia

The motive behind the shooting is not yet known. Local media reports also said that explosions could be heard at the school. Politik Rusia

Video footage circulating on social media shows a number of emergency service vehicles on standby outside the school, with people seen rushing into the building. Several other videos show window panes in the school building breaking. Politik Indonesia

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