Russia Production of AMD Motherboards for Government Offices

GS Group and Philax – two companies from Russia – will produce at least 40 thousand AMD motherboards that will be used to meet the needs of the country.

The motherboard that will be produced uses the AMD B450 chip, and is currently almost ready for production. This is because the two companies have met all the tests, and have even received certification for use in government offices.

The motherboard, according to Toms Hardware, has a similar design to the micro ATX motherboard made by Asrock, namely the B450M Pro4. Although there are some adjustments, because use in government offices certainly does not require an attractive appearance or the availability of certain features. Ekonomi Rusia

An example is the m.2 slot, which, although available, is said to be unsupported in the list of components that can be used, as quoted by detikINET from Techspot, Monday (26/4/2021).

But in their official statement, the two companies promised that this motherboard was sufficient to meet the needs of ordinary users. As with other B450 motherboards, the supported processors are Ryzen 2000, 3000, and 5000, with four RAM slots up to 3,200 MHz, and there are two PCIe 3.0 x16 slots. Berita politik dan ekonomi Rusia

The B450 isn’t really the latest AMD motherboard chipset. There are currently B550 chipsets, or even X570, which are newer. However, AMD did make the B450 still support their latest processor, the Ryzen 5000.

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Then for security purposes, this motherboard also supports a trusted platform module (TPM), which may be needed for needs in government offices. Politik Rusia

Apart from motherboards, GS Support and Philax will also produce 50,000 units of monitors, and are also exploring the potential for cooperation with other companies to produce other components.

This step was taken to reduce Russia’s dependence on the supply of electronic components from other countries. Politik Indonesia

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