Russia prints a record 40 thousand cases and 1,159 Corona deaths a day!

Russia has again set a record high for the surge in cases and additional deaths from the Corona virus (COVID-19) in its territory. Within a day, Russia reported more than 40,000 cases of Corona and 1,159 deaths, which is the highest figure since the pandemic began. Politik Rusia

Russian authorities then announced the closure of non-essential services for 11 days in Moscow to combat the spike in cases. This was reported by AFP, Thursday (28/10/2021).

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Russia, the European country hardest hit by the coronavirus, is struggling with low vaccination rates despite being able to develop its own coronavirus vaccine. The number of daily cases and deaths in the country in recent weeks continues to set a record high. Berita politik dan ekonomi Rusia

The record high was again printed on Thursday (28/10) local time, when the Russian government reported 40,096 cases of Corona and 1,159 deaths due to Corona in the last 24 hours. The two figures both set new records for the highest additional daily cases and deaths in Russia.

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Local authorities no longer implement strict lockdown policies like many countries do. However, this week, Moscow authorities announced the closure of all non-essential services on its territory from Thursday (28/10) local time until November 7. Ekonomi Rusia

Retail outlets, restaurants, sports venues and entertainment centers were all closed, along with schools and kindergartens. Only shops providing food, medicine and other basic necessities are allowed to remain open. Politik Indonesia

President Vladimir Putin’s government hopes for a home-made vaccine like Sputnik V, but Russians stubbornly refuse to be vaccinated. As of Thursday (28/10) local time, only 32 percent of Russia’s population has been fully vaccinated.

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