Russia fines WhatsApp for violating user privacy

On Friday (30/8) Russia registered administrative proceedings against WhatsApp regarding their failure to localize Russian user data.

The Interfax news agency reported in excerpts from court documents that Russia would fine WhatsApp between 1 million and 6 million rubles, or around Rp. 197 million – 1.18 billion. Facebook as the parent company has not yet provided a response to the case. Ekonomi Rusia

Quoting from Reuters, Monday (2/8/2021) the day before Thursday (29/8) Russia had also fined Alphabet Google of 3 million rubles or around Rp. 592 million because Google had violated the user’s personal data law.

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Google also does not remove banned content and has often annoyed Russian authorities by blocking several YouTube accounts owned by pro-Kremlin media and figures. Berita politik dan ekonomi Rusia

This lawsuit is also addressed to Facebook and Twitter for committing the same violation. Facebook and Twitter have not responded to this.

The cases are part of a wider dispute between Russia and Big Tech. Moscow has frequently fined the social media giant for failing to remove banned content. Politik Rusia

In addition, the Russian government is also trying to pressure foreign technology companies to set up offices in Russia. Politik Indonesia

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