Russia Again Tests Zircon Hypersonic Missile

Russia claims to have again successfully tested its hypersonic cruise missile, the Zircon. The test was said to have successfully hit a target in the waters of the White Sea, a small bay south of the Barents Sea located on Russia’s northwestern coast. Berita politik dan ekonomi Rusia

The Russian Defense Ministry said the Zircon hypersonic missile was fired from the Admiral Gorshkov warship in the waters of the White Sea and hit a target in the ocean more than 400 kilometers away. Ekonomi Rusia

A short video shows a hypersonic missile in the air illuminating the night sky with a flash of white light.

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The Zircon hypersonic missile test is Russia’s second test in the last two weeks. Politik Rusia

Russia previously tested the Zircon hypersonic missile on November 18, which it claims is capable of hitting test targets in the Arctic waters that enter Russian territory. Russia stated at the time that the Zircon hypersonic missile managed to destroy the target with a ‘direct strike’.

In addition to Russia, the United States (US), China and North Korea are also involved in hypersonic missile competition, the next generation of long-range weapons that are difficult to detect. Politik Indonesia

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