Record Corona Death Continues, Putin Orders Accelerated Vaccination!

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered that coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations be expedited after the country set a new record for the highest number of coronavirus deaths in a day since the start of the pandemic.

As reported by Reuters on Wednesday (13/10/2021), speaking before newly elected MPs, Putin encouraged them to actively support efforts to get more citizens vaccinated. Berita politik dan ekonomi Rusia

“Vaccinations keep people from contagion, from serious symptoms,” Putin told lawmakers on Tuesday (12/10) local time.

“We need to increase the pace,” he said.

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The Kremlin blames unvaccinated people for the rise in cases and deaths of coronavirus in Russia.

The country quickly developed and launched a Sputnik vaccine when the pandemic broke out last year, but vaccination programs have been slow with many Russians refusing to be vaccinated because they do not trust the government and fear new medical products. Politik Rusia

On Tuesday (12/10) local time, Russian Prime Minister (PM), Mikhail Mishustin, said about a third of Russia’s population had been vaccinated.

Russian authorities reported 973 deaths from Corona in the last 24 hours on its territory. It was the highest daily death toll in the country since the start of the pandemic.

Around 28,190 cases of Corona were also recorded in Russia in the past day.

Russian government officials have voiced concern over the speed and intensity of the emergence of new cases of the coronavirus.

“The main feature of the current wave is the rapid increase in the number of cases, as well as the large number of patients whose transmission shows rapid progress in two or three days and requires resuscitation,” said Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko. Ekonomi Rusia

He added that currently a total of 1.1 million people were being treated for symptoms of Corona. Politik Indonesia

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