Putin considers removing the Taliban from the list of terrorist groups

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, revealed that Russia is considering removing the Taliban, which is now in power in Afghanistan, from the list of terrorist organizations. But Putin stressed that this had to happen at the level of the United Nations (UN).

As reported by Reuters and Russia’s TASS News Agency on Saturday (10/23/2021), Russia labeled the Taliban a “terrorist organization” since 2003, but welcomed the Taliban to talks in Moscow several times before the group took power in Afghanistan. since last August. Politik Rusia

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“We all hope that these people, the Taliban, who are undoubtedly controlling the situation in Afghanistan will ensure that the situation develops positively,” Putin said at the Valdai Discussion Club international meeting this week.

“We maintain solidarity (on the joint decision on the Taliban) and will consider the decision to remove them from the list of terrorist organizations,” he added. Berita politik dan ekonomi Rusia

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Furthermore, Putin acknowledged that Russia is increasingly leading to the decision. “It looks like we are approaching this,” Putin said at the meeting, referring to the decision to remove the Taliban from the list of terrorist organizations.

“Russia’s position is to make progress in this direction,” Putin said.

“But this decision must be taken in accordance with the same procedures that were used when we included the (Taliban-red) movement on the list of terrorist organizations,” he added. It is known that the decision to include the Taliban in the list of terrorist organizations was made at the UN level.

At the forum, Putin also added that Russia is not the only country involved in efforts to remove the Taliban from the list of terrorist organizations. Ekonomi Rusia
“We work closely with representatives of the Taliban, we invite them to Moscow and we keep in touch with them in Afghanistan,” he said.

Earlier this week, Russia called for the distribution of international aid to support Afghanistan, at the same time that Moscow was hosting an international conference attended by the Taliban. Politik Indonesia

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