North Korea’s Border Closed During Pandemic, Russian Diplomats Push 1 Km Trolley

A number of Russian diplomats and their families had to leave the territory of North Korea (North Korea) in an unusual way.

They cross the border using trolleys that have to be pushed manually down railroad tracks as North Korea tightens up their territory during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ekonomi Rusia

In total there were eight people in the group. They covered part of the journey by train and bus, then the rest was taken by trolley on the railroad to cross the North Korean border into Russia for about one kilometer.

North Korea has stopped most public transportation services with the aim of controlling the spread of the Corona virus.

Since the global pandemic took place, North Korea has stated that there has not been a single positive case of COVID-19 in their country. However, many circles doubt this claim. Politik Rusia

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Since the beginning of last year, trains and carriages have been prohibited from entering or leaving North Korea. Most international commercial flights to and from North Korea also stop.

In that situation, Russian diplomats don’t have much choice.

“As the border has been closed for more than a year and passenger traffic has been stopped, there has been a long and difficult journey home,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a post on Facebook. Berita politik dan ekonomi Rusia

The photos they posted show diplomats on a trolley with suitcases in the middle of a winter landscape. They are also seen cheering in the video as they cross into Russia.

The main “engine” of the trolley is the third secretary of the Russian Embassy to North Korea, Vladislav Sorokin. He pushes a trolley across a rail bridge over the Tumen River towards Russia.

Sorokin’s three-year-old daughter, Varya, also follows this trip. They traveled 32 hours on the train, plus two hours by bus from Pyongyang to reach the Russian border. Politik Indonesia

Russian Foreign Ministry officials greeted them at a station. They then traveled by bus to Vladivostok airport.

Pyongyang’s strict anti-COVID-19 policy affects travel and access to hotels or other accommodations.

North Korea has deployed additional troops to the border to prevent possible transmission of the virus.

Over the past year, many foreign diplomats have left North Korea. The embassies of Western countries have also been closed.

Most of the travelers by land and across the border to China. However, there is one flight from North Korea in March 2020 bound for Vladivostok.

The flight carried diplomats from Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Mongolia and Egypt.

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