Make Tourists Almost Die, This Is The Swing Of Death in Kampung Khabib Nurmagomedov

A swing on the edge of a cliff is indeed so challenging for tourists. Only in Dagestan, this swing actually makes tourists almost die.

This swing is located in Sulak Canyon, Dagestan, Russia, the village of Khabib Nurmagomedov. Because it is on the edge of a cliff, this swing is loved by tourists who like to test their adrenaline.

Reporting from the Mirror, this swing does not have a good security system. Even so, there are still many tourists who are determined to try it. Ekonomi Rusia

At that time two female tourists finally climbed onto the swing. The guard swung them off with a push from behind. One swing, everyone laughs, two swings, everyone is still amazed.

The guard decided to add to the tension by pushing harder. The swing went faster.

Suddenly one of the swing chains broke. two tourists immediately slumped from the swing bench. Luckily, the chain broke when it was close to the ground.

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Tourists who were there spontaneously immediately approached to help. This incident had become a spectacle there.

It is known that the two tourists only had cuts and bruises. However, this case immediately attracted the attention of the government. Berita politik dan ekonomi Rusia

The Ministry of Tourism of Dagestan said the swing over the 6,300-foot-deep Sulak Canyon was not up to safety standards.

“The incident caught on video happened about a month ago, but only caught the public’s attention after it was posted on Instagram. The girls are alive and well,” the ministry said. Politik Rusia

According to the ministry, law enforcement agencies and other services have carried out relevant checks to make sure nothing poses a threat to life and health. Politik Indonesia

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