Is being evaluated by BPOM, will the Russian Sputnik V vaccine enter Indonesia?

The Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) is currently evaluating a number of COVID-19 vaccine products. Among these include the Sputnik V made in Gamaleya / Gerenium, Russia. Will you enter Indonesia?

The appearance of the name Sputnik V on the BPOM evaluation list has indeed caught the eye. The reason is, this vaccine is not on the list of vaccines to be used in Indonesia according to the Decree of the Minister of Health Number HK.01.07 / Menkes / 12758/2020. Ekonomi Rusia

Regarding the evaluation carried out for the Sputnik V vaccine, the Head of BPOM Penny K Lukito spoke up. Politik Rusia

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“We are opening registrations for other vaccines to ensure that those related to safety, quality and efficacy aspects. That is the duty of the POM,” he explained at a Working Meeting with Commission IX DPR RI, Monday (15/3/2021). Berita politik dan ekonomi Rusia

“Later, of course, it does not mean that if it has gone through the assessment process from the POM, it will definitely be used or purchased. That will be another route through the purchase or procurement process either through the Ministry of Health or BUMN if it is to be used as a standalone vaccine,” continued Penny. Politik Indonesia

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