Iran and Russia Hold Joint Military Exercises in Indian Ocean

Iranian armed forces conduct joint military exercises with Russia in the waters of the northern Indian Ocean. This joint naval exercise aims to “increase the security” of maritime trade.

As reported by AFP on Wednesday (2/17/2021), Iranian national television quoted the spokesman for this joint exercise, Rear Admiral Gholamreza Tahani, as reporting that the military exercise called ‘Maritime Seat Belt Exercise’ covers an area of ​​water from 17 thousand square kilometers.

The joint exercise involves Iranian military units and elite forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, as well as the Russian Navy. Ekonomi Rusia

“The aim of this exercise is to improve the security of international maritime trade, combat piracy and maritime terrorism and exchange information,” said Tahani. Politik Rusia

In a separate statement, Russia’s Baltic Fleet said that three of its military ships would participate in this joint exercise. The Russian Baltic Fleet also said the exercise involved “releasing a commercial ship hijacked by pirates” and fighting the fire.

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According to Tahani, the Indian Navy will also participate in the exercise, in a message of “peace and friendship to neighboring countries and the region.” Berita politik dan ekonomi Rusia

The IRNA news agency said the joint military exercise would last three days. The Iranian military added that the exercise will also “expand bilateral relations” with Russia.

In 2019, Iran along with China and Russia also conducted joint exercises in the same area. In September last year, Iran participated in the military exercise ‘Caucus 2020’ held in Russia. Politik Indonesia

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