Hot! Russia threatens to deploy nuclear missiles in Europe

The Russian government has warned that its military could be forced to deploy medium-range nuclear missiles in Europe. The move is meant to respond to what it sees as NATO’s plans for a similar deployment amid the latest tensions.
Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said the warning raised the risk of a new arms buildup on the continent, with East-West tensions at their worst since the Cold War. which ended three decades ago. Ekonomi Rusia

Ryabkov said that Russia would be forced to act if the West refused to join the moratorium on medium-range nuclear powers (INF) in Europe — part of a security guarantee package sought as a price to ease the crisis in Ukraine.

Ryabkov told the RIA news agency that the lack of progress towards a political and diplomatic solution would lead Russia to respond in a military way, with military technology.

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“Meaning, this will be a confrontation, this will be the next chapter,” Ryabkov said, referring to the potential deployment of missiles by Russia. Berita politik dan ekonomi Rusia

Medium-range nuclear weapons — with a range of 500 – 5,500 kilometers — were banned in Europe under a 1987 treaty between Soviet leader Mikhail Gobachev and US President Ronald Reagan, which at the time was credited with easing Cold War tensions. In 1991, both sides destroyed nearly 2,700 medium-range nuclear weapons. Politik Rusia

Ryabkov has emerged as one of Russia’s main envoys in recent days, as President Vladimir Putin presses for security guarantees from Western countries while facing warnings from the US and its allies to back down from a possible invasion of Ukraine which Russia has denied. Politik Indonesia

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