Hot! Russia Reportedly Deploys 120,000 Troops to Ukraine’s Border

Ukrainian defense officials claim Russia has increased the deployment of its troops to the border. Ukrainian officials allege that there are 120,000 Russian troops, including the Army, Air and Navy, gathered near the Ukrainian border.

As reported by CNN, Thursday (12/9/2021), the information is based on the latest security situation assessment document shared by a Ukrainian security source with CNN. Ekonomi Rusia

In the document, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense stated that following the Russian military drills, “other combat and military equipment, such as tanks, armed vehicles and ‘Iskander’ missiles remain near the Ukrainian border”.

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“Russia is routinely redeploying and accumulating military units to maintain tension in the region,” the new security situation assessment document reads. Berita politik dan ekonomi Rusia

The situation allowed Russia to ‘create a rapid strike force and lay the groundwork for rapid reinforcement’.

The months-long increase in military deployments along the Russia-Ukraine border has sparked the vigilance of both Ukraine and the West. Last week, CNN reported that Russian forces had the capability to launch a swift and imminent invasion of Ukraine, including establishing supply lines such as medical units and fuel that could sustain a continuing conflict. Politik Rusia

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the report “provocative”. “Russia is pursuing a peaceful foreign policy. But it also has the right to ensure its security,” he said, emphasizing Russia’s concerns about Ukraine’s prospects of joining NATO. Politik Indonesia

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